Social Media Isn't For Me

A desk in an office with an empty chair. Photo by Pedro Henrique Santos

Something I've been thinking about lately is how little I enjoy posting to social media.

It's rare that I produce something worth sharing, and on those rare occasions I do, there's little satisfaction in adding to the infinite content churn these platforms encourage, where each contribution garners the briefest moment in the spotlight, before being buried forever.

I'm not someone who can post consistently. I'd much prefer to work on something for weeks, months, years, and then tell people, “Hey, I made a thing”, rather than give micro-updates about my personal life.

Unfortunately, social media platforms aren't built for this type of content.

There's nothing inherently wrong with these micro-updates, but I personally struggle to imagine anyone caring about my day-to-day, when they have millions of other lives to scroll past and use to distract from their own.

Paradoxically, I do want others to know what I'm up to (to an extent), and have them feel somewhat connected to my life, if they so choose. Unfortunately, my introversion prevents me from connecting with a lot of these people.

I suspect there's a middle-ground to be found between the micro and macro. An irregular, but substantive communication and connection. Direct, considered, entertaining and unobtrusive.

Exactly one type of online content creation meets these requirements perfectly, and it is almost certainly the oldest: the blog.

I've always enjoyed having a blog, even if I never utilised it much beyond documenting my travels. It's the perfect creative outlet for me, as it gives me a personal space to express myself, on my own terms, in my own time, without guilt or worry that I'm bothering anyone with my posts.

If you're here, it means you have chosen to be here. There's no one else to compete with. There's nothing else to distract you away. It's just you and the words I write. If you're interested in them, you read. If not, you leave.

This is the perfect system for me. It means I can post longer, more thoughtful updates here, and those who want to follow along can easily do so.

Previously, my blog served a fairly selfish purpose: a dumping ground for prose, travel journals, thoughts, photos and the occasional project update. This new blog will serve a similarly selfish purpose, but I'd like to provide more value and a better reading experience for those who choose to follow along.

My last blog remained dormant since my last trip in 2019, so it's only fitting it returns in time for another. I'll be travelling to Europe once more, for about a month. I wasn't planning on blogging the trip initially, but I think it's inevitable. Perhaps not a daily blog, but expect a few updates and hopefully some dreamy photos.

If you'd like to keep up to date with this, and future updates/projects of mine, you can subscribe by email and receive posts (and only posts) direct to your inbox.

Otherwise, come back here from time to time and check-in. Fun things are coming.